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Vibrant Things is an MFA thesis exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Stephen Severn, presented in 3 parts: 


Solid Things: April 5 - May 1 at The Window Gallery

Arranging Things: April 12 - 17 at Remote Gallery

Fluid Things: April 20 - 21 at OCAD U Experimental Media Space

The work investigates object arrangement as a site for engaging with the animacy of all matter, against a tendency to categorize and separate the animate and inanimate, the living and non-living. The still life is a vibrant thing: a multiplicity of active and fluid non-hierarchical elements in relation. The objects and arrangements, actualized through photography, assemblage, video, and installation, repeat and transform in different times and places, forcing an adjustment to their thingness, to the human-object relationship. To orientate oneself to a world of energetic materiality, opens up possibility. To propose such a view of vibrant things is to speculate on a world of animate elements: to reveal the un-stillness in the still life.

Solid Things

Arranging Things

Fluid Things

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